Fun Achievements

I like to track some of the more interesting things I have gotten to do and accomplish over my years. I thought it might be fun to start a page and have one place to keep track of them all. They mean different things to different people, so I put a variety here.

Personal Milestones

Became Published Author: I wrote the biography Everything Imus about the legendary talk host Don Imus before he was Fox-ified. It published in 1999.

Got my Bachelors Degree at 40: Since I didn’t become the next great American radio host as I planned in my teens, I went back to school and was awarded a Bachelors of Science degree while working in the corporate world full time.

Touched 3 Continents (so far): I’m glad to say I am an intercontinental traveler, living in North America I made a trip to Europe in 2018 and I touched South America with a visit to Aruba.

Things I’ve Experienced

1977 World Series, Game 1 and 6. My dad was able to get a block of WS tickets for Yankee Stadium on the condition that we got to keep two games and his friend got the other too. I picked game 1 and 6 and that turned out to be one of the best calls because Reggie Jackson hit 3 home runs on 3 pitches in game 6 to seal it for the Yankees. But I’m still a Mets fan.

Kenny Loggins at Top Gun. During corporate retreat we were taken to Miramar for a special evening. Walk the flight line and look at planes, dinner with the aviators and a special concert in the hangar by Kenny Loggins.

Nerdy Achievements

Viewed all remaining US Space Shuttles on display. The flown shuttles are in Washington DC, Kennedy Space Center, New York and Los Angeles. The non-flown parts shuttle at Space Center Houston is also visited.

Stood on the line between Eastern and Western Hemisphere. During the 2018 visit to Europe I visited the Royal Observatory in Greenwich and walked on both sides of the globe.

Last Mile / First Mile of the Appalachian Trail. After some major surgery in 2020 I recovered enough to hike the trail to it’s southern terminus on Springer Mountain, Georgia. (Video)

Amateur Radio Awards: I have achieved the DXCC award for confirmed contacts with more than 100 countries around the world, I have the WAC award for a contact on all continents and the WAS award for reaching someone in each of the 50 US states. Trivia – Given their unique position on the globe and the fact they were non-US when these awards were first created, Alaska and Hawaii count as both states and countries.

Coast to Coast EV: I’ve driven 4-6,000 mile road trips in my Tesla. In September/October 2021 I traveled from Metro Atlanta to the Santa Monica Pier, seeing both the Pacific and Atlantic on the ride. Here are some road trip memories. (YouTube Play List)