Notification Process for 630 and 2200 Meter band Operation

While I haven’t played with these long wave bands yet, it would be nice to understand if I have any restrictions to that operation. Since the FCC requires me to notify the Utilities Technology Council 30 days before I start operation, I decided to do that.

The link wasn’t jumping out at me from the main page, but some Google-fu lead me here:

Of course they want lat/long in Minutes and Seconds and all my GPS Pi’s deal in decimal coordinates, so I found this handy conversion tool on the FCC web site: It was only AFTER I found the FCC link that I noticed they linked to the same page. Usability opportunity to move that above the entry window or, heaven forbid, convert it themselves!

So, I dutifully entered the data right down to the 100th of a second because I am that kind of nerd and was informed I needed to round that to whole numbers. If they don’t mind a margin of error of 100 feet +/- in latitude, why not.

So my “notification” has been successfully submitted. Stay tuned for what happens next.

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