Georgia COVID-19 – 500,000 Case Milestone

On Sunday, December 6 Georgia passed 500,000 COVID-19 cases among it’s citizens. In this YouTube video I break down where we are as a state and make some suggestions on how we can improve going forward.
There were many charts in this presentation, I’m including them below with some notes for people who want the additional detail.

For details on these charts see the latest thread in /r/CoronavirusGA on Reddit.

Over the last 60 days more than 30% of our new cases are being diagnosed via the Antigen or “Rapid” test in Georgia but the state has not provided the daily # of those tests given, making it difficult to see severity.
Based on broad estimates, about 1 in 8 Georgians may have had COVID-19 or have an active case today. This is likely a conservative estimate as says the range is between 11 and 25% with their estimate at 17% or closer to 1 in 6 Georgians.
We are now very much on a similar path (Red line) from July/Aug so far. (Blue line) If we flatten the curve now, we’ll see about 110,000 more cases by year end (purple line). If we think growth continues (tan line based on estimates, we could get to a point of 7,500 cases a day by January, which would see days over 200,000 cases before year end.
It’s no myth. COVID 19 is multiple times deadlier than Influenza or Car Accidents.

COVID-19 Video Updates

Since March I have been publishing daily graphical updates to Facebook and Reddit’s /r/coronavirusGA subreddit. The folks on Reddit requested that I also provide this update in video format, so I started this week. Follow the link above to find the playlist.