Woodworking Part 1 – Antenna Analyzer Box

A lot of times the background noise in my shack while I work on code projects or just putter around is Adam Savage’s Tested on YouTube. Yes, the MythBusters maker known for blowing stuff up puts on a great channel of builds and tips. Last week he did something called a “Real Time Box Build” and I said, “I can do that, and I have just the project for it. So, I present my box build in pictures.

The Antenna Analyzer box protects my Comet CA-500 meter much better than the original cardboard box I had been dragging it around in. It also gives me some quick access to the three accessories I use the most with it. Those are a dummy load, a N to PL-239 adapter and a barrel connector.

I know Adam usually doesn’t do finishing on his storage boxes but I had just a little bit of white spray paint left from another project, so I hit the outside with a bit. I also added the necessary label (my goal is to have more labels than the Bat Cave at some point) and I signed it on the inside.

Big thanks to Mr. Savage for his easy to understand tips. I particularly like the concept of “build the box, then cut it open” versus building two halves. I also found his tip on using a pin-nailer for assembly very helpful so I invested in a Ryobi that works very well and doesn’t need a compressor.

I also need to give a huge shout out to my friend Karen who let me user her basement wood shop. I have done some woodwork at Decatur Makers, and will do so again, but this allowed me a little extra social distancing which was a relief for me.

As you might guess by the headline, this is the first of several projects for me. Part 2 will be a yarn box my wife requested to keep our kittens out of her skeins. Part 3 is a large frame for my Flip Dot Sign project. So check back for more.