MegaMillions Experiment – Draws 2 and 3

Continuing on with the silly experiment I am doing by picking “hot” and “cold” numbers in the MegaMillions drawing. I was out of town for the Friday drawing so let’s catch up on drawings 2 and 3, and we’ll keep drawing 1 as a reference:

Number Set8/168/198/23
Family NumbersNo matchesNo MatchesNo Matches
“Hot” Numbers (=>3x in last 20 draws)No matchesNo MatchesNo Matches
“Cold” Numbers (=1x in last 50 draws)One matchNo MatchesNo Matches
Quick PickNo matchesOne matchNo Matches

After one drawing it looked like the cold numbers would be the ones to beat, but Quick Pick jumped on the board in drawing number 2 with a match. Tuesday was a bad drawing for the lot, with no matches to the array of 24 numbers.

I did note something interesting that I had not picked up on when creating this. The “Family” number and “Hot” number set share a selection. So do the “Cold” numbers and the Quick Pick.

One additional thought I had is that if I had truly wanted to stick with “hot” and “cold” numbers for each drawing I should have reset after each drawing, but this method will work for our simple experiment.