MegaMillions Experiment – Draw 4

Cold numbers give a return on investment!

Continuing on with the silly experiment I am doing by picking “hot” and “cold” numbers in the MegaMillions drawing. Had a few more numbers hit on Friday:

Number Set8/168/198/238/27
Family NumbersNo matchesNo MatchesNo MatchesTwo Matches
“Hot” Numbers (=>3x in last 20 draws)No matchesNo MatchesNo MatchesOne Match
“Cold” Numbers (=1x in last 50 draws)One matchNo MatchesNo MatchesTwo Matches
Quick PickNo matchesOne matchNo MatchesNo

Cold numbers are still ahead after four drawings but not a material difference in my mind. This drawing did make some money back! One of the “Cold” number matches is the Megaball, so we have won 10% of the $40 investment in the 5 draws.

Final draw is Tuesday night. Read about the previous drawings here: Drawing 1 | Drawing 2 & 3.